i need to report this.

some people on xanga are just plain stupid. i accidentally stumbled upon one with nothing but pop-ups filled with obscene pornographic images. what makes it worse, my sister and brother saw. i am just so angry. those people just want to cause some trouble.

i want to report that site. does anyone know how???
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i don`t want to get involved

i found my HS`s blogring at xanga. i was a little weirded out. i thought plainfield was supposed to be lacking in that kind of knowledge. i know, i`m so mean. i started off looking through a random blogring and recognized a girl`s picture. she went to my school. then i posted a commnet (big mistake btw) and went to this other girl`s xanga. this one i think is in my art class. not entirely sure though. then i noticed that blogrings. Life in Plainfield, *-Plainfield Central High School-*, incoming freshman @ phs. wow..... i never knew.
then i realized that i didn`t want anybody from school reading what i write in xanga or here. i`ve hidden my lj link fortunately. there`s too much on here that would surely be a nice appetite for gossipers and what have you. especially the thing about patryck. that`s right i`ve been spelling it wrong.

too much. i don`t want to get involved with that. i think i`ll have to go "friends only" on this livejournal. i may have to.

i feel constricted now.
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smells like teen spirit

it`s the weekend. to think that it felt like monday was just yesterday. this year is going by oh so fast. -sigh- well, next week is homecoming week. yipee. loads of fun i suspect. maybe. there are dress up days like pj day and school color day. yes, i get extra credit in french for dressing everyday. i love that class. we get croissants from panera bread too. i swear all the classes are just dishing out easy extra credit. i`m not complaining. homecoming is on saturday. i`m still dileberating if i should attend. i might go with van. that, my friend, would be soo awesome.

finally hoodie weather!! it`s been hot this month. too hot for september. i`m so glad it`s colder today. i can wear my + lifeguard hoodie now. good thing there aren`t any pools around here.

yesterday i took a nap at 6pm and didn`t wake up until 1am. long right? i was tired. and my neck hurt b/c i took it on the couch. it made some people pissed off though.
i went to bed when i woke up. read a bit, then went back to sleep. at 3AM i heard this weird sound. like a tornado alarm but in a pattern. i thought there was a tornado or severe thunder storm underway! i was freaked out b/c i heard people screaming outside. then i decided to look outside. nothing. then people again. it turned out that there was this couple fighting or whatever. that`s the people i heard. straighforward cussing at 3AM in the morning. geez, some people are trying to get some sleep. it`s almost like chicago. not the suburbs. i woke up today at 7. pretty early considering the time i went to sleep. all in all that was a very strange friday.
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not formal

this post will not make sense to you.

wow, she ditched me for those two. -points- i didn`t know i was soooo.....driving people away. one girl asked me why i was so quiet today. i shrugged and she asked if i was scared of her. looki-loo. i`m not. i have a headache now. this always happens now.

yesterday we locked ourselves outside of our house. we had to wait outside while the mosquitoes were feasting on our flesh. sounds good doesn`t it? i called kathy. everything seems to be floating her boat. that`s nice, now what about me? i have maybe 2 friends in the whole school. sure, i have aqauintences, lots, but i`d like to make more friends. i know quality is better than quantity, but i still feel like i`m not offering more of myself to others. i want them to know that i`m a good person. that i`m talented, cool, understanding, outgoing. i am outgoing. just not to people i`m not comfortable with. i feel like i`m shooing people away. i`m going to stop.

grand theft autumn rules my mind right now. it`s sooo catchy. i love it. i`m also listening to more mellow music now, not so heavy. it`s good though i get to expand a bit. but i still like the heavier stuff. fajhdsljhfdslfhsafsdfslkjauigfndkvcxuigwm,
my typing skills are improving as you can see.

i like patrick a lot. he`s just sooo nice. ooohhh i gave away his name. i`m safe here though. i least i think so? whoever is reading this from school, i bade you to keep quiet! eh, there`s a lot of patricks at school. -rolls eyes-

i hate algebra, any part of math i detest. today just proved how much i loath that subject. i felt soo stupid. god, idiot. i just hope i get an A on the test tomorrow. i am determind to be on HIGH HONORS this semester and next. no one is going to stop me. my life is going up n` smoke.

haha, reminds me of the whole "why does the black man have to die first?" situation.

i`m tired. feeling lazy and blah. i couldn`t keep myself awake during french. i`m going now.........yup. bye.
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